Relax | Lavender & VetiverIf you feel agitated, stressed, or having feelings of anxiety, our Relax blend of Lavender’s rich, sweet-herbaceous aroma and Vetiver's woodsy scent offer inspiration of a harmonious state while promoting deep concentration & can melt away your worries. 

DreamLavender, Sweet Marjoram, Chamomile, Bergamot, Ylang Ylang, Sandalwood, Key Lime, Lime & Vanilla CO2 | A pleasantly cozy blend that promotes calm and rest. 

SerenitySweet Orange, Ylang Ylang & Lemongrass | Serenity was formulated to help calm the tension of stress and anxiousness.

Refresh | Lemongrass & PeppermintLemongrass can provide emotional calm through its earthy citrus aroma, while peppermint’s cool and clearing aroma is refreshing with minty layers of sweetness.

LaVanilla | Lavender & Vanilla *TOP SELLER* | This delightful mixture of lavender and vanilla is both soothing and warm providing a welcoming and heart-warming ambiance.

Cafe Latte | Coffee & VanillaCoffee essential oil is a balanced extraction that puts the reviving aroma of freshly brewed coffee at your fingertips.  Both scents offer therapeutic properties enhancing feelings of relaxation to help eliminate worry and promote restful sleep.  Also, the natural caffeine in the coffee extract aids in blood circulation and futher promotes evening out stretchmarks and cellulite.

Renew | Frankincense, Tangerine & Peppermint | Topnotes of Frankincense an aged wood, balsamic, subtly sweet with hints of citrus. Then paired with midtones of tangerine, only further excentuating the fresh citrus scent. Ending with a hint of minty peppermint.

Revive | Lavender & RosemaryLavender’s rich, sweet-herbaceous aroma and rosemary's warm, spicy, slightly floral, herbaceous aroma can sharpen blurry thinking and increase mental stimulation.

Cedar Forest | Cedarwood, Blood Orange & Tea Tree | Earthy and grounding, the mixture of cedar, heavy midtones of deep orange and tea tree leave you feeling calm and relaxed.

Lumberjack | Cypress, Pine & Peppermint | The calming scent of a fresh, minty forest.

Full Moon | Patchouli, Sage & Vanilla | Vibe with the full moon energies with this woodsy, grounding, relaxing scent.

New Moon | Frankincense, Tangerine & Lemon | Energize and manifet with this fresh earthy scent of aged wood and citrus scent.

{SEANSONAL} Fallen Leaves | Bergamot, Fir Needle & GrapefruitBergamot essential oil may help relieve scattered thoughts or anxiety while promoting focus and clarity. The woody, bright, fresh aroma of Fir Trees the “forest healer”, allows for relaxation and letting go.  Undertones of Grapefruit is just enough fresh, clean, that gives you an uplifting feeling.

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