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YOUtopia Essentials

Crystal Elixir

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10 mL clear glass bottle with a stainless steel {or glass} roller ball

Our Crystal Elixir-infused roller balls are made with 100% pure essential oils blended together with our go-to carrier oil of organic sunflower oil.

Chill Out - the obvious opposite but sometimes a much-needed wind down is hard to get after a full day of fun {or not so fun, the mind won't stop filled days or high levels of anxiety} Chill out is made with black spruce, camphor, blue tansy {which is what gives it the blue tint!} frankincense, geranium, lavender, balsam, lime, cedarwood, and vanilla for a smooth relaxing scent. Infused with clear quartz to amplify that chill! Roll of wrists, feet, across the forehead, and temples. Breathe deeply and exhale deeply for a nice release of stress.

Concentration - made with peppermint, rosemary, basil, lemon and cedarwood, amethyst for clarity, and peridot for insight; these oils combined help ground and focus the mind. Perfect for those brain-foggy moments and kid-safe for the kiddos getting back to school! Simply roll on the temples and base of your head at the top of your neck, and/or wrists to help pull it together for focus and grounding.

Immunity - we, unfortunately, live in a day and age where illness and disease are around every corner. Strengthen your immune system and guard yourself with this crystal-infused roller ball {now also available in a spray!} Eucalyptus, rosemary, lemon, cinnamon & clove together have been believed since the 14th century, to protect against illness and disease. Infused with black tourmaline chips for added protection. Roll on your feet, chest, back, and wrists.

Wake-Up - Ever have those slow-moving mornings where coffee just isn't doing the trick? Kiddos not morning people either? Wake-Up is made with bergamot, geranium, and grapefruit with citrine crystal chips for a little added sunshine! Roll this on your wrists and chest and take a few deep breaths for clarity and alertness.

* oils last up to a year, stored in a cool dark place.

* This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.