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YOUtopia Essentials

Moonchild Affirmation Cards

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- 25 cards (14 x 9cm)

- Envelope box (14 x 9 cm)

- 350 gram paper The Moonchild Affirmation Cards

- 25 quotes that are all about Inner Peace.

“You have creative control in this life:

Choose Love over fear,

Choose Hope over despair.”

― Happy Goddessa

Pick a card and let your mind set out on a mission to make you think and then smile! These life-changing insights are a Kiss of Fresh air in your daily life! Pick one card, two cards, or turn them over one-by-one until your brain hits you with a smiling "a-ha! moment" and your problems get solved by you! Trust and let your magnificent mind set out on a mission to free you!

Made in Spain

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