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Soaking Salts

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16oz paper bag - each blend is made with epsom salts, baking soda, coconut oil, organic dried flowers and scented with organic essential oils. The coconut oil is moisturizing while the epsom salts and baking soda are excellent for the health of your skin as well as soothing to your muscles!

Devotion - blend includes organic dried rose petals and lavender buds and is scented with rose and lavender organic essential oils

Lavender is known to promote calm and peace, reducing stress and supporting healthy sleep 

Rose is effective at supporting overall skin health and is known to be a symbol of love both for yourself and others. 

 Beyond the physical benefits, this blend can serve as a powerful reminder of self -love and open-heartedness toward others and the world around you.

Peace and Love!

Cleanse and Refresh - blend includes calendula petals and is scented with eucalyptus, lemon and orange essential oils. 

Eucalyptus can help open airways allowing for deep full breaths making it an excellent choice for sinus/respiratory support.

Lemon and Orange boost the immune system, reduce inflammation, and are known to be mood lifting countering depression and anxiety.

Calendula also reduces inflammation and is soothing for your skin!

Be well!